Leadercast Live is the world’s largest one-day leadership event, with more than 100,000 attendees at 500+ locations across 20 different countries around the world.  This simulcast event is targeted at those who desire to learn and grow in their leadership aptitudes.

Over the next week I will post my notes from last Friday’s Leadercast event I attended with thousands of others in the Atlanta, GA area. Today’s post is my notes from Jess Ekstrom talk.

Jess Ekstrom

  • Meaningful work, the understanding can’t always control our peers, surrounding, circumstances, but we can control the meaning we attest to it
  • We can’t always control our peers. We can’t control our environment. We can control the meaning.


3 Ways To Create Meaning

#1 Create

  • Create what you wish existed.
  • When you create solutions you learn the value of your work.
  • The core of entrepreneurship is to create what you wished existed.
  • You don’t have to start a business to create meaning.


#2 Learn

  • Learning about yourself.
  • Leaning about your ability to challenge yourself.
  • Her sister ran 100 mile race recently. This didn’t happen over night. She built up to it over time.
  • The most important run was the first 1 mile run she did as a young girl and built on that.
  • What is the first mile you need to run?
  • You have to start somewhere in order to eventually run the 100 mile race in your life.
  • There is more in us than we know if we can be made to see it.

#3 Finish

  • It is good to look at what I have done, what I have completed, what I have accomplished, not just what I am currently doing.

It is more important to execute with purpose, not perfection.

  • It’s not about what you get wrong but what you get right.
  • She submitted over a 100 poems that got rejected for the Chicken Soup book series. She persisted and got one published in the series.
  • It was not about the one’s she got wrong, it was all about the one she got right.

Finding your purpose at work is about finding the overlap between your Talents, Impact, and your Quality of Life.

All work can be meaningful, it’s all about finding what’s meaningful to you.

You shouldn’t have choose between making a living and making a difference!


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