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Hello, welcome to Learning To Lead

Mark J. Cundiff

Leadership Blogger and Coach

Hello, welcome to my blog!

Learning To Lead was created to be a community to encourage leaders as they strive to become more effective leading their people.

This is a place where you will be encouraged and equipped to meet the challenges you face with courage, confidence and enthusiasm!

This was all started as an experiment several years ago when a friend of mine challenged me to start blogging about all the leadership knowledge I had acquired over the years of studying leadership and running businesses. So, I began discussing the books I had read, conferences I had attended and life lessons on the job.

It is my hope that you are encouraged by the content you consume on here and that you go into the challenges of your day better equipped to go to the next level on your journey.

The purpose of this website is to provide information, teaching, and resources that help you grow in your leadership journey. One of the key principles I believe in as a leader is;

“It my responsibility as a leader to put the people I have the opportunity to lead in a position to be successful in their positions.”

It is my hope that the content on this site will in some way help put you and your team in a position to be successful in all you do. It is my hope that this site will add value to you as you seek to grow and improve in your leadership abilities.

John Maxwell defines leadership this way:

Leadership is Influence, nothing more, nothing less.

I love that definition and how it frames the discussion around growing as a leader. If you grow as a leader your influence grows. If your influence grows then your leadership grows. Once you learn the power of this simple yet powerful definition it will provide a great foundation for you to expand your leadership abilities and as a result multiply your influence.

The purpose of this site is to provide engaging and informative content to help those that have a desire to learn how to lead at a higher level. I have spent my 30+ year career leading business organizations and selling different products and services. During the course of my career I developed a passion for studying and teaching leadership.

This passion for learning leadership led me to start blogging about what I was learning several years ago. It has provided an outlet for me to share what I learn from the books I read and training courses I attend as well as from the real-life lessons I have learned.

As a result of my study of leadership and practical application of what I have learned over the years I am often sought out by others for coaching and consulting about their leadership challenges and aspirations.

I hope you enjoy the time you spend on this site and find the information valuable for your leadership journey.

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