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“Real growth happens outside our comfort zones.” Michael Hyatt

Life In The Corporate World

I have spent the last 30 years working in the corporate world learning how to navigate and succeed inside that culture. I feel very comfortable and at home in this world. This past weekend I stepped outside that place of comfort and familiarity for me to explore the world of authors and creatives.

As a man of the corporate world, I have never really considered myself a creative or writer.

Growth Mindset

I went to the conference with a desire to learn and grow from others that are different from me. I went to glean from those have different life experiences than I do. I went hoping some of their creativeness would rub off on me and help me to become a better writer in the days ahead.

If you have read this blog at all you know I love books, talking about books and writing about books. My primary interest is in leadership, personal development and productivity. I average reading a book per week.

I have been blogging for several years on these topics. I have a desire to get better at blogging. I love to read but never considered myself a writer, creative or author. I do aspire to write a book and want to understand all I can about what it really takes to produce something that is worth reading.

I love to read but never considered myself a writer, creative or author. I do aspire to get better at blogging and write a book eventually. Because of this, I want to understand all I can about what it really takes to produce something that is worth reading.

So I sought out to explore how others go about this craft of writing to learn from people who have lots of fruit on their trees. It turned out to be a great investment.

The Experience

I have attended many conferences and training seminars during my career. Almost 100% of those had to do with improving leadership or management skills in some way or another. So going to spend a weekend with a room full of authors and creatives learning how to be a better writer was a bit intimidating to me at the outset.

The Tribe Conference is a gathering of writers, artists, and creatives who want to grow their craft and get the attention their work deserves. The conference was started several years ago by Jeff Goins to provide a great learning experience for those of us who want to learn how to better express ourselves through our writing.

The Factory

The conference is held in a great setting in Franklin, TN in a venue called “The Factory”. I learned from Jeff that it used to be an old stove factory many years ago. It has since been repurposed into a shopping, dining and meeting venue that serves the people of Franklin in a unique and creative way.

A New Framework

The Tribe Conference had a huge impact on me and my thinking. It was great exposure to lots of different people from all different walks of life who have their own unique story to tell. Each one has a burning desire to share it with the world in an effective way. The conference provides you with a practical framework to take home and put into motion what you have learned so you can become a more effective writer.

Jeff does a tremendous job of creating a safe place to learn and grow no matter what level of writer you are. There are people who attend that have written and sold many books and others like myself who have never written their first one yet. I was impressed with how humble all the speakers were. Each one was there to serve the attendees and help them go to the next level.

The culture of this event is unlike any I have ever attended. It is a culture where learning, growth, and experimentation are celebrated. It is a culture where there is lots of freedom to explore new ideas and ways of doing things.

The Rules

Jeff has only 3 Rules for the Weekend:

1. Be Present

2. Be Helpful

3. Be Brave

I believe these rules help set the tone and establish the great culture of learning we all experienced during the weekend.

Jeff has done a remarkable job of putting together the right elements and the right speakers to create a memorable and life-changing experience for all who attend.

The Results

I would highly recommend that you check out the Tribe Conference if you have a story burning inside of you that you want to get out into the world. This conference could be the catalyst that propels you to get that book written or that blog up and running effectively. Don’t keep your story to yourself. Share it with your tribe!


Over the next week, I will detail more specific notes on each speaker’s talk that impact me so greatly. Here a few quotes from the speaker’s talks.

  • Don’t starve! Don’t assume that your gift requires you to suffer for you to share it. Jeff Goins
  • What if we created as much as consumed? Sean McCabe
  • People remember how you make them feel. Marsha Shandur
  • Focus and Finish. Cyrstal Paine
  • Mother Teressa never had clarity. She had trust. Jeff Goins
  • Even the best writers have imperfect first drafts. The story is in the editing. You can’t edit what you haven’t written. Sean McCabe
  • Turn your life’s mess into your message. Ishita Gupta
  • Voice is the thing that distinguishes you from everything else. Jeff Goins
  • Don’t start with motivation. Motivation is a result of doing. Motivation will come after you show up. Sean McCabe
  • If you are rushing through the process you are not going to create something that lasts. Ryan Holiday
  • It is not what a book is, it’s what a book does. Niki Papadopoulos
  • I had to believe my message was worth all of this. Natalie Brenner
  • Zeigarnik Effect-You remember incomplete goals more than completed goals. (via Jon Acuff)
  • Goals you don’t finish don’t disappear. They become ghosts that haunt you. Jon Acuff
  • People who cut their goals in half are 63% more successful. Jon Acuff
  • “Here is a rule that will guarantee your success-and possibly make you rich: Invest 3% of your income back into yourself.” Brian Tracy
  • Start investing 3% in yourself and then increase to 5% at $50,000 annual income. Dan Miller
  • If you say you don’t have the resources to invest in yourself, you have a scarcity problem. You don’t have an income problem, you have a thinking problem. I don’t believe enough in myself to invest in me.” John Maxwell
  • I wrote because it was selfish of me to go through struggles and not share what I learned with others. Jackie Bledsoe
  • You have beautiful ideas, we all struggle with turning them into reality. Don’t let them die in your heart. Sean McCabe
  • The future belongs to finishers. Jon Acuff
  • It is not about being perfect, but about being better than yesterday. Jon Acuff
  • Commit to doing your best work. Jeff Goins
  • A story well-told can change the world. It’s really the only thing that ever has. Shaunta Grimes
  • Creativity is born from Constraint. Jeff Goins

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